Onsite Printer Repair And Service

We are providing quality Onsite Printer Repair And Service. If you have any problems with your Printer, contact us and one of our technicians will be working on any Printer problems you might experience.

Toner & Ink Cartridge

We can supply Best quality Printer Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge. HP ,Canon , Brother,Samsung,Toshiba,Ricoh,Laxmark,Amida,Asta,ACO,Eco,Excellentprint,ect.

Printers & Printer Parts

Lanka Toners avalable meny kind of printer modls and printer parts.

Our Services

Lanka Toners has been serving the best quality printer service and printer repair businesses all over Sri Lanka.Our technical team comprises of highly experienced engineers and technicians in sri lanka.as well extensive understanding of the printing devices. Our professionals technical team can attend to any kinds of printer maintenance job and offer 100% guarantee customer satisfaction.

Lanka Toners providing meny more service in this web site.Onsite Printer Repair & Maintenance,Printer Maintenance Contract,Printer Spare Parts,On-loan Printer,Refurbished Printers and Parts like this.we can providing unbeatable quality matching the OEM specifications. Lanka Toners exuding high quality and delivering excellent output.Designed to support laser printer of notable makes and models,We are keen to offer the same print yield and quality at the fraction of a price.

Key Features

Our Reliable Services.

  • Onsite Printer Repair & Maintenance
  • Printer Maintenance Contract
  • Printer Spare Parts
  • Printer Supplies
  • On-loan Printer
  • Refurbished Printers and Parts


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Contact Details

Telephone:+94 0758 621 421
Email: info@lankatoners.lk
Website: www.lankatoners.lk

Sri Lanka.